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We focus on both the physical and energetic state of health, in Tustin, Irvine, and Santa Ana. The goal is to optimize health, strengthen the body physically, spiritually and energetically while lengthening youthfulness and increasing longevity. To achieve these results, we integrate classic Chinese medicine approaches with modern improvements and research for the optimum use of energy medicine and Acupuncture.

The State of Well-Being

Wellness and health is more than just a negative lab test, it's a state of mind. It's one's vitality, and it's just feeling well with no physical or mental limitations. There is always room for optimizing health. Everyone can daily cultivate their vitality, boost energy and live a more exuberant life. Through Acupuncture in the Tustin, Irvine, and Santa Ana areas.

"My passion is to combine ancient wisdom with specialized techniques and modern research to develop innovative and effective treatments plans."

Dr. Elaine Han LAc. Licensed Acupuncturists

  • Primary Healthcare Provider
  • Herbalist and Medical Acupuncturist, Certified Licensed by the California Acupuncture Board
  • OMD Degree in California

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