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Preliminary Study Shows that Acupuncture Provides New Hope for Relief for Trauma Victims
Vol. 14 Issue 25

When a person has experienced an especially traumatic incident, it can take years to recover, if recovery is even possible at all. Law enforcement, firefighters, military personnel, victims of assault, natural disaster or abuse may find that full physical and emotional recovery is hard to achieve. Unfortunately, those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), as many of these people are diagnosed, may be prescribed addictive anti-anxiety drugs that may set off a whole series of side effects. They may even be prescribed drugs from the much heavier antipsychotic class.

To find out if drugless treatment could help people with PTSD recover, a recent study first assessed the conditions of 73 people who had been diagnosed with PTSD and then followed their treatment with either Acupuncture or counseling over twelve weeks. The responses of those receiving either of these two types of treatment were then compared to a control group of people who were on a wait-list and thus received no treatment.

This study found that drugs are not necessary to help people suffering from the effects of stress. The study stated that Acupuncture provided "large treatment effects."

Both the Acupuncture group and the counseling group received benefits that were superior to the control group. What's more, the benefits from Acupuncture didn't just last a few days. After three months of treatment, patients were consulted on the benefits they retained from the treatment. Patients reported that they were still benefiting from the treatment they received.

This is good news for anyone who may be told that they just have to learn to "live with" the effects of trauma, or they should take drugs for the long term effects. Now they cannot only recover from trauma, they can build better health at the same time!

Source: National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Acupuncture May Help Symptoms of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, February 22, 2010,

Source: National Institute of Mental Health, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, February 24, 2009,

Acupuncture Gives Woman Her Life Back

Volume 11 Issue 40

Life in general was becoming a real pain in the. . .back and the hips and the knees for a 73-year-old British woman. The discomfort had been going on for some time, but it really hit home one Christmas Day.

"My youngest grandchild was 4 years old and he couldn't understand why I wouldn't play with him on the floor on Christmas Day," said Maureen Vine. It was just too painful. The terrible pain in my ankle spread to my foot and I could barely walk."

Acupuncture was something she'd never really considered during her 30-odd years of suffering through a painful condition diagnosed as osteoarthritis. The symptoms that mainly affected her back, hips and knees over the years were now spreading to her right ankle. This caused pain and limping, greatly reducing her ability to move or even to continue with short walks in the park she cherished.

Over the years she had tried physiotherapy, but with little relief. A stomach condition prohibited most types of medication. Most recently, her doctor had prescribed Co-dydramolTM, a pain reducer she was able to tolerate, but even 8 tablets a day brought little to no relief.

Finally, almost completely housebound, Maureen decided to give Acupuncture a try. "My son had recently tried Acupuncture for his art

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