All About Cold Laser Therapy Class IV

Laser Therapy has a
culture that’s firmly integrated
into every aspect of
our clinic — from how we
communicate within our internal team. Our foundational core values
are quality of care, a friendly factor, communication,
and a team approach.
Everyone in the clinic buys into the ATI
philosophy and upholds our mission to
exceed customer expectations by providing
the highest quality care in a friendly
and encouraging environment. Our commitment
to delivering a hands-on, patientfocused
approach is elevating our standard
of care as we strive to be the best.
When contemplating adding services to
our practice, we look closely at our mission
Th e incorporation of deep-tissue laser
therapy wasn’t an easy decision — when
integrating a new technology there’s always
the fear of the unknown. But fear didn’t
hold us back from bringing in this new
modality, and the laser has stood up to the
rigorous demands of our core values and
mission. We can honestly say that after fi ve
years of using our class 4 laser, it has made
a tremendous impact, both clinically and
in our business.
Making a Difference
In today’s healthcare environment, we need
to make an impact fast. We believe in beginning
therapy on day one so we can immediately
start making a positive impact.
On the day of the evaluation all patients
are given a commitment letter that thanks
them, outlines treatment, promises results,
and describes their care. Both the patient
and the therapist sign this letter to signify
a mutual pledge to walking the path to
recovery as a team — a formal commitment
we are very proud of.
Our approach is multifaceted; if a
patient isn’t making progress, we try
something diff erent until we fi nd a solution.
Th is is where deep-tissue laser therapy
has been a great asset to our clinic
— when nothing else works, the laser can
often provide results.
Acute injuries respond very well. For
example, a lacrosse player came in who
had a two-week-old contusion on his
quad, preventing him from bending his
knee past 90 degrees. We treated him with
the laser, and three days later he was back
to 100% function.
We’re also seeing positive results on
chronic and non-responding dysfunctions.
Another patient was referred for nagging
All About
At one successful practice,
deep-tissue laser meshes
with the core value of
customer-driven care

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