Chiropractor Restores Neck and Back

A Case History: Chiropractor Restores Neck and Back to Perfect Operating Condition

I was on my way to my wedding ceremony. I was behind the wheel of my compact car, my mom was riding in the front with me and my step-son to be in back. We were stopped at a red light waiting for traffic to move along Hollywood's famed Sunset Blvd in California.

Maybe I was a little tense being that I was getting married in a few minutes. I was relieving some of that stress by chatting with my riders, turning my head and twisting my back slightly to engage them in conversation.

The relaxing moment was suddenly disturbed when I heard the sound of squealing brakes to my rear. I likely turned further to see a large behemoth of an auto about to crash into the back of my tiny vehicle. Somehow, at the last moment, the driver swerved sharply to his right but still "nicked" the right bumper of my car - delivering a hard jolt through my body. Ouch!

Yes, we were all shaken by the experience of a very serious crash somehow miraculously averted. All of us seemed fine as I gave the police report. It wasn't until the next day that my painful injuries from the accident were revealed.

It happened with a shock of intense pain through my head, neck and back. I probably shouldn't have made a headlong dive into a swimming pool, but that's what I did. Several hours later I was in the office of a chiropractor looking at the x-rays of a neck and back that resembled a "double S curve" highway warning sign.

This was to be my first real experience with a chiropractor. I'd have to say, if it had not been for the chiropractor's ability to return my body to normal, I'd likely be a cripple walking with a cane today.

Seven or eight visits over the course of a month were all it took. Each time was the same. I'd get comfortable while lying face down on a treatment table, I'd be totally relaxed and nearly in dreamland when my doctor quietly entered the darkened room. He'd whisper a few words of greeting and maybe an instruction about what was to come. Still totally relaxed, I'd feel his hands on my back area. The appropriate adjustment took just seconds, and that was it for the day.

My recovery was full, complete and lasting. I'm writing this now, some 17 years later, and I've never needed another single adjustment for the same condition. What other practitioner in any medical profession could have restored my body to perfect function? Thank goodness for my chiropractor.

Source: Jim Bartell Case History

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