New Study Shows that Chiropractic Care is a Great Way to Prevent Sports Injuries and Speed a Return to Play After Injuries Occur

Vol. 14 Issue 52

Participation in any kind of sports offers great benefits. For children, sports offer a way to increase strength and fitness as well as a way to develop character. For adults, athleticism can lengthen life by keeping one active.

When sports also provides one's livelihood, it becomes very important to recover from injuries and prevent further injuries so that the player can get back out on the field! So any science that offers these benefits becomes very valuable to professional players, amateurs and parents alike.

A recent study provides new evidence on the benefits Chiropractic care offers those playing rough and tumble forms of football. In Australia, two football clubs participated in a study to find out what improvements would occur if Chiropractic care was part of the regular recovery regimen of the players.

Fifty-nine qualified players were randomly divided into two groups - one group would go through the normal procedures to prevent and treat lower body injuries such as hamstring or lower limb muscle strains. These procedures usually include strength training, and physiotherapy. The other group would add a routine of Chiropractic care to the mix. Minimally, these patients were treated once a week for the first six weeks of the playing season, and less frequently after that. Injuries would get more intensive treatment.

The results of this trial were that Chiropractic was shown to help these players prevent injury and get back on the field sooner when injuries did occur. The Chiropractic group had a 4 percent chance of a hamstring injury compared with a 17 percent chance among the non-Chiropractic players, and a 4 percent chance of lower limb muscle strain compared to a 28 percent chance among the non-Chiropractic players - a very big difference!

In addition, those receiving Chiropractic care missed an average of 4 matches due to these injuries compared to 14 among the other players suffering hamstring injuries and 21 matches due to lower limb muscle strains.

This is good news - and not just for those playing sports, but also for the parents of children who want to participate in sports programs. With Chiropractic care, parents can help their children recover quickly from sports injuries or even help prevent these injuries in the first place!

Source: National Institutes of Health, The Effects of a Sports Chiropractic Manual Therapy on the Prevention of Back Pain, Hamstring and Lower Limb Injuries in Semi-Elite Australian Rules Footballers,

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