"Queen of Chiropractic Skeptics” Now a Major Promoter

Volume 14 Issue 88

Two years ago, the excruciating pain of sciatica sent a woman in Olympia, WA, to a hospital emergency ward - not once, but twice. With no relief forthcoming she reconsidered her doubts about Chiropractic care, and has been thrilled ever since she did so.

"I needed a Chiropractor, and needed one badly," she wrote in a recent letter to the editors of Dynamic Chiropractic. "After two trips to the emergency room, where I was told the sciatic pain would go away with time, I tried a chiropractor. Imagine my extreme joy at the almost immediate relief!

"I was amazed ... and disappointed that I had wasted almost 20 years of my life with pain pills on a daily basis for back and neck issues that had never had treatment."

Up to that point in her life, she says you could have called her the "Queen of Chiropractic Skeptics". But when the hospital couldn't do anything for her, she was stuck for an alternative. As an employee of a state-run workers' compensation agency, she says she "was appalled upon my hiring to learn that we actually pay for chiropractic appointments. The nerve!"

But the jangling sciatic nerve would not be denied, so she overcame her skepticism and called a Chiropractor. The treatment for sciatica was just the beginning of her Chiropractic relationship:

"I have a lot of issues in my spine and soft tissue that I didn't know existed prior to two years ago, and I am currently under a weekly care plan by a wonderful doctor who referred me to some articles that were in your publication. I have been hooked ever since and I look forward to each and every issue.

"As a non-practitioner, I can tell you that while some of the "industry" articles are hard for me to relate to as a former skeptic, I can understand where the authors are coming from and so I read the entire issue, cover to cover. I have learned a lot and have found many subjects that have prompted me to do even more research online.

"Thank you so very much for all you do. Now wherever I go I promote chiropractic to anyone who will listen. I have been reformed by a system of care not because someone told me it would help, but because it works! I have gone from skeptic to patient and now to educator."

This is the kind of rave success that any Chiropractor would be delighted to receive, but the fact that this kind of letter was sent to a professional industry magazine, and by a patient, is gratifying in the extreme.

Chiropractic, and its frequent partner in treatment, Acupuncture, generally just need a chance to show new people (even skeptics) how powerful and effective they are to create wonderful effects and long-term patients.

SOURCE: Dynamic Chiropractic, Vol. 28, Num. 17,

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