Jaedeok Kim LAc., PhD


South Baylo University of Oriental Medicine, Master, 2016

Choonhae College of Physical Therapy, 2015 (Korea)

Wonkwang University of Oriental Medicine, PhD, 2012 (Korea)

Busan National University of Oriental Medicine, Master, 2009 (Korea)

Noksaek College of Natural Medicine, 2006 (Korea)

Licence and certification:

Licensed Acupuncturist of California. 2018

Chiropractic Training Certification, Chiropractic Therapy Research, 2012 (Korea)

Certificate of Athlete Trainer, Korea Right Posture Exercise Association, 2007 (Korea)

Sports Chiropractic Training Certification, Korea Sports Chiropractic Associate, 2007, (Korea)

License of Sports Massage Master, Korea Sports Chiropractic Associate, 2007, (Korea)

Expertise: Acupuncture manipulation on sports Injury rehabilitation

. Specialized acupuncture skills to minimize injury based on meridian diagnosis.

. Enhance ROM and CORE Balance to increase power, strength, flexibility

. Pain management (Back pain, Shoulder pain, Knee pain, Neck etc.)

Dr. Jaedeok Kim has been studying and practicing acupuncture and oriental medicine for the last 15 years in Korea and America. Over the years his particular interest has been how meridian manipulation can be effectively applied in physical therapy. His main focus is to control the balance of human physiology by acupuncture points to optimize not only the pain management but also enhancing body condition. His balance method includes;

1. Injury Prevention :
This can be important factors for athletes to minimize the injuries by pre-recognizing the imbalance and treating beforehand.

2. Increase Performance Capacity : The Balance adjustment method can be applied for increasing ROM of the joints. The increased flexibility and exercise capacity can be shown instantly.

3. Injury Treatment: In treating patient's injury, the burden of direct manipulation of injured area can be minimized by acupuncture accompanied by pre-existing therapy.

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